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Branson Real Estate Report

Commercial One Brokers

WEDnesday,March 04, 2009


Last annual report Commercial One Brokers announced we were creating a new property management company by partnering with Maples Properties in Springfield. The new company, Maples Properties of Branson, LLC, is proud to announce that we are now involved in the management of approximately 420,000 square feet of retail and office space in the Branson and Hollister area.

Our services range from total operations to maintenance only to short term REO rehab and staging. We have enlisted a strong team of professionals and are capable of handling all aspects of a property from conception to occupancy stabilization thru leasing or disposition. Our team will oversee planning and construction, budgeting and accounting, maintenance and repairs as well as infill oversight. We have legal representation available for collections and evictions if necessary and sub-let legal reviews for mitigations. This in conjunction with our leasing and sales efforts, allow a property owner to be as involved or uninvolved in the operations as they desire.

We believe that Tenants have more appreciation for the properties as they see professional teams of workers actively on site working on issues immediately. Landlords experience savings of time and money due to our extensive contacts and multi property contracts with service suppliers and vendors.

With the possible increase in foreclosures, we have added a new list of available services to our property management program. Lenders can have our team take foreclosed properties from possession day conditions to fully market ready condition and maintained at that level until sale. We offer the services of a full REO department to out of town and local lenders.